Laundry Heap Blog 2018

Heaps of praise

I just wanted to share with you a good experience that I've had recently with our brand partner, Laundryheap. 

I only own one suit. This means two things: 1. I'm often not dressed correctly for the occasion, and 2. It regularly needs dry cleaning.

I've never really had a good dry cleaning experience before. Trekking across town with your suit in a bag, awkward pick up times, trying not to get it creased on the tube, and usually all for an extortionate bill.

Laundryheap to the rescue! This was the 1st time I used their service and I was amazed at how easy it all was. They picked up my suit from my house on Friday evening and dropped it off on Sunday afternoon, all for the price of £15 (including the £5 discount claimed via the Generation London app). The suit came back as good as new, the turnaround was quick, delivery time flexible and the customer service was ace.

Laundryheap really have taken the hassle out of dry cleaning, and they're offering a great discount to Generation London members. Keep doing what you're doing, you dry cleaning legends!